How to Install Easy Tether for Windows (updated)

EasyTether allows you to use your phone as a modem, which means you can connect your computer to the internet form any where you have cell phone reception. Watch this video to see how to setup EasyTether.

Free Trial (allows you to view all “http:” sites)

Paid Version $9.95 (allows you to view all websites)

Written Steps
1. Go to Market and Download Easytether
2. Open Easytether pick your Operating System
3. Download file to your phone by selecting your OS from Mobilestream’s website
4. Open Easytether and select “I have installed”, then finish.
5. Check “USB” to enable tethering
6. Hit Home Button, then Menu Button. Select “Settings”
7. Select Applications, then Development and check “USB Debugging”

8. Connect phone to PC and pull down notification bar and select “select files for transfer…” then select “USB STORAGE MODE”

9. On you PC go to “My computer”>removable drive>download folder and then open Easytetherxxx.msi
10. Install Easytether core
11. Go back to Easytetherxxx.msi, select “change” and select “Android Driver”, then install.
12. In the right corner of your PC, right-click the Easytether icon and select connect.
13. Go to your browser and surf the net.

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5 Responses to How to Install Easy Tether for Windows (updated)

  1. Skye says:

    Thank you for trying to describe the terminlogy towards the noobs!

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  3. Angel Cuellar says:

    I am able to connect to the internet with this app on my phone but when i connect my xbox with the ethernet cable i get a strict nat type connection. is there anyway to change this into an open nat type.

    • admin says:

      Sorry this is a little over my expertise. Can you use bluetooth to connect to the internet via Xbox? You might be disappointed in the speed that you get with tethering your phone to your Xbox if you plan on playing games online.

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